Monday, May 18, 2009

The Music Man is a teenager?

I can't believe I've got TWO teenagers at home. I realize that this post is a little late, but Nathan turned 13 years old on May 1st. Yes, his cake is pink in the picture. Not his choice of color, but rather a result of the natural coloring of the strawberry icing. However, this was one of the most delicious cakes Michele has ever made...and that is really saying something!

As described in a previous post, this is still very much the "Year of Nathan." Of course, his year couldn't be without music. Earlier this school session, Nathan made the select (ensemble) choir. This meant he had to sacrifice some sleep so that he could go to school a little earlier once a week for an extra choir practice. Yet, a few weeks ago we discovered that he was also using his study hall to learn to play the bass. After just three weeks of practice, he was asked to join the school orchestra for the Spring Strings concert!

The strings concert was awesome, and the talent of these kids was remarkable. I could also understand why Nathan decided to play in the orchestra next year. The director allowed the students to choose some popular music to play in their concerts. This year, they played Viva la Vida by Coldplay, and they nailed it! The director also allowed some modern instruments, like electric violin and electric bass. I think she is pretty savvy for trying to inject a little "cool" factor into a middle school music program.

Tonight, Nathan sang in the Spring Band/Choir concert. He sings real well, but is also very serious about smiling allowed, apparently. That's him in the middle of the second row in the large group, and on the far right (near the piano) in the smaller group.

You Rock, Nathan !!


Michelle said...

When did you guys get granite countertops? They look great. And why couldn't we have played something as cool as Coldplay when I was in school? We were always stuck with something from the Nutcracker. So, are you guys going up to C-Town this weekend? We decided to go...

Ken said...

Hi Michelle! We are planning to go to Cleveland on Sunday. We will not attend the graduation ceremony, but will be there for the festivities afterward. Ian has a soccer tournament in Dayton this weekend, but if his team doesn't advance, he'll be joining us. Is it ok for us to root against him? Can't wait to see you!

Michelle said...

Yeah...I told him that I hope he sucks!