Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Global warming, my a**

Did we just enter into a new ice age? I must have missed the memo. Having lived in Ohio my entire life, I know that February is supposed to be just like me ... in the 40's and gray. February 2010 has been different, though. More than midway through the month, the temperature has yet to break out of the 30's. We've had snow fall from the sky each day. Last night, we were surprised by yet ANOTHER foot of snow! This dreary weather has had an affect on each of us.

Michele has been stuck in the house much more than usual. This has led to an acute case of cabin fever, an affliction brought on by staring at the same four walls for hours on end. Her remedy is a complete design change for our living room. A brief shopping excursion this past weekend resulted in a new entertainment center, coffee table, end tables, and high definition TV. New paint and curtain decisions have already been made, as have my plans for the weekend...thanks, honey! Of course, after 22 years of marriage, experience tells me that these design changes and color schemes will all be brought together by the new pillows on the couches - which were purchased two weeks ago.
I should have seen this coming...

Ian and Nathan have used their time off from school -- why don't adults get snow days? -- to keep us laughing. Even though they are annoying teenagers, I'm glad to have them home. Being stuck in the house surely affects them too, yet it seems that they've had a blast these past few weeks. The first big snowfall provided them with all the building materials they needed for their own little home improvement project. Using empty recycling containers, eight hours of free time, and a little guilt trip they laid on me, we were able to build an igloo in the front yard. I've constructed a few snow forts in my lifetime, but this one tops them all. Following the second & third snowstorm of the month, the boys have added furntiture, a den, two baths, a second bedroom, and a media room to their snow house - just kidding. Still, they've added a six-foot hallway since then.

Trying to look goofy...mission accomplished

The boys have also earned a chunk of cash for shoveling the drive this winter. They've obviously noticed that the value of this chore has increased in direct correlation with my age. I probably pay more than the going market rate, but hey, my back is feeling a few years younger now.

Guinness has the best attitude of all regarding the snow. As long as she's fed, and gets some affection & fresh air a few times each day, she's just fine. I guess that is all we need, too.

Baseball practices begin next week for Nathan. Ian has an outdoor soccer game at the University of Cincinnati on February 27. The schedulers of these events must not have received the memo either. With luck, the snow will be melted by May...but the snow house might still be here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nate Cuatrocero

Nathan has kept us busy with his sports schedules these past few weeks. He completed a successful middle school football season in which the Grizzell Celtics finished with a record of 6-2. He played center and cornerback - a weird combination, I know.

With his prior training as a soccer goalkeeper, Nathan has developed great hand/eye coordination and the ability to consistently catch anything thrown or kicked in his direction. So, it's obvious that while he loves playing center, a part of him wishes to play a position in which he can use his talent for catching the ball.

This winter, he's playing indoor flag football at the Sports Ohio Field Sports facility. He plays for the Bengals, and wears number 40. Lately, I've been calling him Nate Cuatrocero - like Chad Ochocinco. Yet, due to his affinity for the Cleveland Browns, I'm pretty sure that Nathan doesn't like this comparison.

Last week, he had a few passes thrown his way and he hauled down each one. A leaping, one-handed grab resulted in a touchdown. Luckily, I was able to capture it on video.

Tomorrow, his team will play in the championship playoffs. Wish him luck !!