Monday, February 16, 2009

Year of Nathan

More from the "Year of Nathan." As discussed in a previous post, Nathan has met quite a few famous people this year. What's really cool about this is the fact that the setting for each encounter was not the typical "let me sign this and get outta my face" autograph session. Nathan was able to meet these people in somewhat normal situations which allowed him the opportunity to actually sit and talk with them.

At a recent Dublin Coffman game, David Archuletta sang the national anthem. Since Nathan is the Coffman waterboy, he was able to hang out with David before the game. Nathan commented that David was "a kid, just like me."

I'm happy to report that the "Year of Nathan" has not yet come to an end. He has achieved straight A's this year in school. Yesterday, his basketball team defeated the top 6th grade squad in the area. Nathan led his team in assists, and had the shot of the game... a driving, baseline reverse lay-up over the tallest (5'9") player in the league. Great job, buddy.


Michelle said...

Why does Nathan get an entire year? When is MY turn? :)That is so fun that he meet Archuleta...I bet he felt like a million bucks. BTW, I talked to Traci on Facebook. Did you know she moved to Charlotte? Y'all might have to take the long was to Florida next time and see, Jason, Traci, Jess THEN me. Don't forget me:)

Diane said...

wait...if he comes east on 70 ...then into PA...and gets on 81 - he can visit ME, then DREW, then JESS, then JASON and TRACI and MICHELLE!!!


Hope you have a month-long vacation, brudder.

Michelle said...

Mom~ Maybe they just need to sell their house and get a RV!

Ken said...

Michele's mom is moving to Charleston, South Carolina this summer, too. I'll just have to load everyone in the Family Truckster and see you all on our way to Wally World.