Sunday, October 4, 2009

Freak of nature

As described in a previous post, Ian broke his collar bone four weeks ago. After an initial x-ray on September 3rd, he was told that he would be unable to play soccer for another six to eight weeks. He quickly did the math and determined that this prognosis would essentially end his high school soccer season. Ian asked if there might be any chance that he could play yet this season. The doctor told him, "well, I suppose that you could be some freak of nature whom completely heals in four weeks."

Fast forward four weeks: A follow up x-ray showed that Ian's right clavicle had completely healed. The area around the break was now almost twice the size of his left clavicle! I guess there is a benefit to drinking nearly a gallon of milk a day.... and it doesn't hurt to be a freak of nature either.

Needless to say, Ian is happy to be playing again.
Wish him luck.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

So glad to hear this. I bet Ian in ecstatic! Please tell him hello from his favorite cousin...that's me by the way in case he wasn't sure :)

Ken said...

Michelle- Ian asked me to tell you hello from YOUR favorite cousin!