Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bursting with pride...

It's been awhile since my last blog entry...I'll try to catch up!

"Bursting with pride." I had really never given that expression much thought until a few weeks ago, when I believed that I actually might rupture during a speech at Ian's middle school graduation ceremony.

Michele had been called a week or so before the ceremony by the principal, who wanted to be sure that we would attend, as Ian was up for an award. She was told that Ian had won the "Citizenship" award, which apparently was a big deal at his middle school.

On graduation day, we sat on the bleachers in the gymnasium as certificates were distributed and awards were given for things like achieving higher than a 4.0 throughout middle school, or other academic feats. At the very end of the ceremony, and with the final award, the principal took the podium and began to honor the winner of this year's Citizenship Award. He began the speech with a description of the recipient. No one other than Michele & I knew that Ian was to win the award. Evidently, the staff keeps this secret until the award is given. Ian himself knew absolutely nothing about it. In fact, during the principal's speech, he was somewhat slouched in his seat, anticipating the end of a long ceremony.

While the principal read the award speech, I was overcome with pride as he described the person who would win this year's award. A parent's love knows no boundaries. We love unconditionally, and are always proud of our kids, right? Yet, it is not often that we get to hear what others think about our children. This additional pride was almost enough to make us burst:

Well done, Ian. We're VERY proud of you!


Michelle said...

Ken, I am speechless and that RARELY happens to me! If I am about to burst with pride as a cousin, I can only imagine how you and Michele feel. Just ONE or TWO of those sentences describing Ian is something that every parent hopes for. Thank you so much for sharing such an achievement with us!

Diane said...

I've got tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I watch this here at my desk in my bedroom. I love that kid. I can imagine just how you felt, Ken. And Michelle. What a great son. That speech was amazing! And only because all that is true. I loved how he hugged everyone.

I've busted a few buttons with pride myself over the years. And yes, it's an amazing feeling.

(ok Ken, I know what you're thinkin' about the busted buttons...and that's just not nice!)